What is SR-22?

A SR-22 is a document that is filed by your insurance company to the state's department of motor vehicles. The purpose of a SR-22 is to show your financial responsibility and verify that you have appropriate auto liability insurance. A SR-22 is typically required by the court or mandated by state law in order to reinstate your driver license if your license is suspended due to:

•At-fault accident
•Uninsured accident
•Serious moving violation
•Multiple traffic violations (more than the law permits in a given time period)
•Accumulation of tickets
•License suspension
•Revoked license




Non-Owner SR22 Policy


An SR22 non-owner or named-operator liability policy is insurance on you, for any vehicles you operate that you do not own. This type of liability policy is usually written with a state’s minimum coverage limits, and covers only other drivers or property – not your own. For instance, if you were in an accident that was your fault, the liability insurance would cover only the injury to or property damage of others that occurred as a result of the accident. This insurance would not pay to fix the car you were driving, or your own injury.

An SR22 filing can be attached to a NON-OWNER policy to satisfy the state’s requirements for license release. This is the only option if you do not own a vehicle. However, if you do own a vehicle(s), you can still use the NON-OWNER policy to satisfy the state. The insurance you would purchase in this case would have little chance of being used; its main purpose is discretion. You can (and many people do) use a NON-OWNER policy to satisfy the state, and keep your existing insurance in place. There would be no communication between the two insurance companies, and one policy has no effect on the other. Keeping the NON-OWNER policy in force until the state’s time requirement is completed, then canceling it and continuing with your original, unaffected insurance is the idea. The term NON-OWNER policy refers to the fact that there is novehicle insured on it – not that you don’t own a vehicle or insure one on another policy.

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